Funding of projects

From 2012 to 2014 Vamos Bien foundation supported various projects of students and graduates of the Master’s in Social and Cultural Anthropology of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Unfortunately this facility is no longer possible because of lack of sponsors.

On the pages of Projecten you find information about the projects funded.



Below you find the criteria of the projectfunding used in 2012-2014

Master students of anthropology often develop fruitful ideas about how their research results could be put to good use. Although these thoughts often have much potential, too few of them are actually realized. Vamos Bien aims to make socially relevant anthropological ideas become reality.

What kind of support does Vamos Bien provide?
Vamos Bien encourages projects in different ways, depending on the nature and the current stage of the project. For example, the support can lead to dissemination of research results in media, the creation of a documentary, or the establishment of a non-governmental organization. Vamos Bien offers financial support, but may also provide help in other facets of the project realization. In some cases, Vamos Bien will finance the full project, and in other cases Vamos Bien will provide the funds to start up a project in the expectation that more funds will be sought later.

Who can apply?
Graduates of the master Social and Cultural Anthropology of VU University Amsterdam can apply for financial support for their projects. Any (nearly) graduated Anthropology student of VU University Amsterdam who wishes to realize an anthropological idea can apply. It is important that you have a well thought-out plan with potential for ‘good change’. Moreover, you have to be able and willing to spend the necessary time on your project. It will be your project, with Vamos Bien supporting it. If you are not sure your idea meets the requirements, please contact us.

What does Vamos Bien expect from successful applications?

  1. The applicant does at least part of the work in the project.
  2. The applicant and a board member of Vamos Bien sign a contract concerning the agreed upon activities and the amount to be funded by Vamos Bien.
  3. The total amount will be paid after completion of the project. However, the applicant may give a motivated request for an advance payment (e.g., 50% or the cost of tickets).
  4. The applicant hands in a final report, including a brief overview of activities and a financial overview with supporting documents.
  5. A project is completed only after the final report has been turned in. Then the remaining part of the subsidy will be given.

How much financial support does Vamos Bien provide?
The maximum amount for one project is € 5000. After completion of the project it is possible to apply a second time for a follow-up project with the same maximum amount of € 5000.